Meditations on Color

Over the course of the last several months, as I’ve been working on the colorwheel limited edition prints and stationery, I’ve been wondering why I’m so drawn to color right now. As in, all of it. Can’t get enough.  

I’m sure it comes, in part, from living through the Pacific Northwest winters. In Seattle, when everything is grey and dreary for the large majority of the year, we feel drunk with the excitement of it when spring finally starts to appear. 

Still, I wonder if the larger political unrest we’re seeing…the division and anxiety and uncertainty and rage…don’t all contribute to a real need for something that resembles hope. 

I do think color can do that. Not in exchange for actual involvement and activism in our communities, but as a means of coping, privately, or with the closest of friends. 

There is something soothing in the contemplation of color. It feels fun, it feels alive, and it feels uncomplicated. 

And don’t we all need a little of that?

Do you have a theory of why we’re drawn to color? Let me know on Instagram.