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2020 Postcard Project


The 2020 Postcard Project includes six letterpress printed, kraft postcards designed by Seattle artists Mandolin Brassaw and Claire Jauregui. Use these 4.25 x 6 inch postcards to write to your local, state and federal representatives and/or encourage people across the country to get out and vote via Postcards to Voters.

Each set of six includes “Organize, agitate, educate,” “Eternal Vigilance,” “Beloved Community” designed by Mandolin Brassaw as well as “Seeds of Change,” “Keep Growing,” and “Care for your Community” by Claire Jauregui.

Find the sets in person in Seattle at Columbia City Gallery and Grapheme. Order them online at www.grapheme-seattle.com or www.orangetwistcards.com. Each set is free or if ordered online, for the cost of mailing.

Please limit two sets per order. If more sets are needed, please contact me at hello@grapheme-seattle.com for additional shipping costs.

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