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Blackwing Pencils


The iconic Blackwing pencil in soft graphite (black) or firm graphite (natural).

The Volumes are limited edition pencils; when they’re gone, they’re gone.

About the limited editions:

Vol. 840: The ancient art of surfing arrived on the coast of northern California in 1907, but it wasn’t until surf icon Duke Kahanamoku popularized the sport on the beaches of southern California in the decades that followed that it really took hold.

The Blackwing 840 is a tribute to Duke Kahanamoku and the enlightened lifestyle he helped cultivate through surfing. It features a sea green barrel with a gold foil accent in the shape of the California coastline. It also features our balanced graphite and a gold eraser clip. Duke popularized surfing along California’s 840 mile coast, but the lifestyle left in his wake has influenced people around the world.

Vol. 3: In June of 1966, George Harrison met maestro Ravi Shankar in Bath, England. Harrison asked Ravi to teach him how to play the sitar, a task Ravi agreed to only after considerable hesitation. Their collaboration resulted in an explosion in the popularity of classical Indian music and culture in the United States and around the world.

The Blackwing 3 is a tribute to Ravi Shankar on his 100th birthday. It features our extra-firm graphite and a matte turmeric finish accented with a pattern inspired by one of Ravi’s iconic sitars. The pattern prominently features the ॐ (Om), a sacred Sanskrit symbol with three phonetic components that correlate to the waking, dream, and unconscious states of being.

Vol. 19: On August 18th, 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the 19th Amendment. After nearly a century of lobbying, marching, and protesting, it was finally illegal to deny anyone the right to vote on the basis of sex. This was a massive step forward for equal voting rights in the US, but it was not without its flaws.

Some members of the suffrage movement had sought to exclude Black women from the protection of the Amendment. And even after the 19th Amendment passed, the voting rights of Black, Indigenous, Asian, and Latinx Americans continued to be repressed, often violently. Although the Voting Rights Act of 1965 aimed to eliminate these practices, gerrymandering and other voter suppression techniques continue to threaten all Americans’ right to the elective franchise.

The Blackwing XIX is our tribute to the 19th Amendment and the ongoing fight for voting rights in the United States and around the world. It features a purple barrel and three-sided white and golden yellow imprint inspired by the suffrage flag, striped silver ferrule, and purple eraser. The 36 yellow stars represent the 36 states that ratified the amendment. The firm graphite is perfect for writing a letter to your Representatives or making your voting plan.

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Soft Graphite (Black), Firm Graphite (Natural), Extra Firm Graphite (Vol. 10), Extra Firm Graphite (Vol. 3), Balanced Graphite (Vol. 840), Firm Graphite (Vol. 19), (Natural, Pink Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, (Natural, Red Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, (Natural, Orange Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, (Natural, Yellow Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, (Natural, Green Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, (Natural, Blue Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, (Natural, Purple Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, (Natural, Black Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, (Natural, White Eraser) SINGLE PENCIL, One-step Long Point Sharpener, Replacement Erasers (Black), Replacement Erasers (White), Replacement Erasers (Grey), Replacement Erasers (Pink), Replacement Erasers (Red), Replacement Erasers (Orange), Replacement Erasers (Yellow), Replacement Erasers (Green), Replacement Erasers (Blue), Replacement Erasers (Purple)