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Grapheme Print Project Quote Submission Form


I believe that none of us is alone in our experience–and that we each have wisdom the other needs or can use. I believe we create in order to give shape to our experiences–and that the process of articulating them helps us to understand them. I also believe that while we often don’t have control over the larger circumstances of our lives, we do have agency to create or be involved in meaningful work, to rally people and to motivate and encourage them toward their better selves (and in turn to become our own best selves). I’m asking for your help in this process.

I am looking for quotes that have been meaningful to you or have helped you through a difficult time–or have simply been an everyday reminder to keep a particular perspective. In the spirit of inclusivity and highlighting historically marginalized voices, I am looking in particular for quotes by women and people of color, though I will not exclude anyone based on those factors.

I will mail you a self-addressed, stamped envelope with complete instructions and a submission form. If I chose your quote for the project, you will receive one of the prints that features your submission.

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