The Art of Gift Wrapping

This year, get creative and present your holiday gifts with style. A beautifully wrapped gift is charming, sophisticated, and not as difficult to accomplish as you might imagine. Here are four quick tips to spice up your gift-wrapping game this season:

1.     Choose the right wrapping paper. Find some gift-wrap with a nice crisp feel and unique pattern to make your present pop. If this is not something you already own, come by Grapheme to check out our selection and get some inspiration.

2.     Wrap nicely. Take an extra minute to carefully wrap your gift and tie it up with some ribbon, twine, or string. For a brief visual reminder on how to properly wrap a gift, click here.

3.     Pull from your environment. Once your gift is wrapped and ready, begin to embellish! Look around to see if you can find something to add atop your gift. A sprig of lavender or holly, or even a small trimming from your Christmas tree will do perfectly. Have a pine-cone? Frost the pointed tips with some white paint for an even more professional look.

4.     Add a personalized gift tag. Better yet, come by Grapheme for complimentary gift tags, while supplies last; we are here to help!

We wish you a wonderful wrapping experience and invite you to drop by our store for more creative tips for your gifts–or if you have any tried and true tricks, please post them in the comments below. Happy wrapping!